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Plug #1

When I started this blog, I didn’t really have any idea what I was doing. Still don’t actually.

I’m constantly trying to figure out new ways to make my blog more aesthetically appealing, my posts more lively and interactive and about a million other things I wish I knew about blogging but don’t.

I think I may have found the answer to my blogging questions and I want to share it with you in case any of you are like me… totally lost.

The Blog Guidebook.

This site is great!

The talented ladies behind the scenes, Lyndsay and Sarah, created the site to help bloggers grow and find community with each other.

They also…

–have hundreds of blog listings, so you can find the blogs that interest you

–will let you list your blog on their site too (for free!)

–assist you with blogging questions through tutorials and a live help desk

–and so much more.

I encourage you to check out the site for yourself.

Happy blogging!


Gumaholics anonymous

Hello, my name is Kristy and I am a gum addict.

It’s a problem.

Poor college students don’t have enough money to buy enough gum to satisfy their addiction.

I speak from experience.

In light of my recent struggles, I have decided to break the habit.

Sort of.

Ok, I’m actually just cutting back.

A little bit.


After tomorrow.

The point is that I have made (on multiple occasions) great efforts to break myself of my gum habit. It’s never happened.

But I give myself an A for effort.

During one of my recent gum-fasts I discovered that my favorite brand of gum had redesigned its packaging.

Now look at that.

How am I supposed to resist all those pretty swirls?

I can’t. That’s the problem.

The circles are almost hypnotic. They mesmerize me and draw me in. And make me want more gum.

It’s a conspiracy theory.

I’m convinced.

Anyway, as if the redesign weren’t enough to make me fall and stumble, I want you to look at the bottom left corner of the package.

See that little man?

Here’s a close-up.

The company used its logo to make a little recycling man.

This is so creative. And precious. I love it.

And now there is officially no hope for me ever recovering from my gum addiction.

That little man is just too cute.

Anybody know any good gumaholics anonymous programs out there?

My weekend-long hot date

Let me preface this by saying that I realize some of you may become extremely jealous when you read about my weekend plans.

Disclaimer: kskristy is not responsible for the consequences of any acts of jealous rage that may or may not follow your reading of this post.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me tell you about my hot date I’m going to have this weekend.

First, I’m going to put on my little black dress and then I’ll go meet my man and we’ll be off to our extremely romantic date that may or may not involve dinner at Red Lobster, a blanket under the stars and a whole lotta chapstick.

Or not.

My “hot” date this weekend is actually with my futon and about 12 million books that haven’t left my university’s library since 1947.

How’s that for romance?

I’m serious. These books are dang good lookin’.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to snuggle up with one of those?

The truth of the matter is that I have to write a research paper this weekend that I have put off until the last minute (typical me) and now I can’t procrastinate any longer. I must get down to work.

After I post this blog.

And eat supper.

And watch a movie.

So don’t worry about having too much fun without me this weekend. You know I’ll be having a ball of my own.

Right here on my hot, sexy futon.

With all these books.

And my fuzzy Christmas blanket.

The view outside my window


A season of color, of crispness in the air, of Kristy wearing flip flops like they’re going out of style (because they literally will in a month or two).

I usually enjoy fall… until it gets cold. Which is always too soon for me. But, in all seriousness, I admit that I love the colors of this season.

I was sitting at my desk this afternoon trying to focus on writing a research paper, but I was distracted by the view outside my window.

My desk is right by the window and I love/hate it. It’s good for my soul and bad for my grades.

Today, as I gazed at the beautiful scenery outside my window, I couldn’t help but think that the vista I was seeing was the quintessential picture of fall.

So I got out my camera and snapped a few shots.

I’m glad I did, because about 10 minutes later as I was editing them, a bunch of big white clouds rolled in and obliterated the beautiful blue sky that had just been there moments ago.

Here are the finished products, and what will probably be the last few photos of fall.

Winter is coming all too soon.

Praise God for his beautiful creation. These photos might just get me through the winter, after all.

Much love,


Pandora’s box

I love Pandora… for the most part.

Yeah, the ads are annoying and the 40-hour per month listening limit sometimes creeps up on me unawares, but overall I really enjoy the site.

It’s the perfect outlet for my music ADD.

Most of the time, I can ignore the big ads to the right of my playlist, but the other day, one certain ad popped up that I just couldn’t look past.

It was for Taylor Swift’s new CD (which is ridiculous, by the way. I don’t understand how can anyone take her seriously when she sings about dresses looking like pastries.)

I am not a fan of Taylor Swift.

No, siree. I am most definitely not.

But for some reason, Pandora can’t get that through it’s little computerized head.

I have several country music stations on my Pandora account and all of them like to play Taylor Swift (as if she’s a real country artist or something).

I hit the dislike button every time I hear her voice. Every stinking time.

And evidently Pandora thinks that when I dislike Taylor, it actually means I want to see her in a full page ad.

I don’t care how many ploys Pandora throws at me to try and get me to like Taylor Swift. I won’t break.

She’s the reason for the teardrops on my computer.

Pumpkins and a list

First off let me apologize for my week-long hiatus from this site.

I know this goes without saying, but life is crazy.

And that is definitely no exception in this college student’s life.

In the past week I have…

–Played more basketball than I have in all my high school years combined

–Toilet papered my university’s brand new sports arena to celebrate the beginning of basketball season

–Skipped class three times

–Skipped chapel twice

–Felt guilty about the above two lines only once

–Went to Kansas City

–Went to a rodeo

–Went to a concert

–Ate deliciously authentic German and Honduran food

–Pulled all of my hair out during the Chiefs vs. Bills game (just kidding… almost)

–Bombed a test

–And… (this is the best thing yet) won second place in a pumpkin carving contest with some of my best friends!

That’s all of us and our award-winning pumpkin!

We walked into the cafeteria one evening last week and were greeted with tons of huge orange pumpkins available for anyone to decorate. My friend Hannah and I picked out one of the biggest and smoothest pumpkins (because everybody knows it’s no fun painting a bumpy pumpkin, duh) and signed our group up for the campus-wide contest.

As we ate our dinner, we contemplated what we should paint on our pumpkin.

Our group consisted of a biology major, two education majors and two engineers, plus myself: the journalism and photography major. Consequently, that earned me the position of creative director of the group, despite my persistent refusals.

I tried to explain that there is a big difference between being creative with a camera and being creative with a paintbrush; the latter of which, I am most definitely not.

They didn’t get it.

In the end, we collaborated on the idea and decided to paint a seasonal pumpkin. Mainly because my friend Bethany is good at drawing trees and the rest of us figured it wouldn’t be too hard to paint little colored dots on the branches for leaves.

The finished product was above and beyond what any of us had imagined.

See for yourself.

Hannah and Morgan and their beautifully blossoming spring tree.

Kathryn and Lindy and their cheerful summer tree.

Lindy and myself and our vibrant autumn tree.

Bethany and her frosty winter tree.

Voting commenced over the next several days and the winner was announced on Monday. The winner of first place was an illustration major (go figure) and painted the most detailed design on her pumpkin I had ever seen. I’m sure it must have taken her ten years. She definitely deserved to win.

And we were all thrilled at our second place victory. In reward of our artistic efforts, we received a $25 gift card to Walmart.

Next weekend we are going to use the card to go buy real food (a true delicacy in college life) and make a real dinner.

You know you’re a college student when the highlight of your week revolves around fresh, homemade, healthy, non-cafeteria, non mass-produced food. I can’t wait.

Now excuse me while I go make some Ramen noodles.

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