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The Rainpocalypse

Arkansas is flooding!

For real. It hasn’t stopped raining in my little college town since Thursday.

A friend and I had to run to class today during the heaviest part of the storm, correction: today’s storm. It has been worse. We’ve had tornadoes.

But…nonetheless, it’s pretty crazy out here.

Take a look at the creek that runs through downtown.



It is NEVER this full. Never. Usually the waterfall is contained to a little six-foot strip right in the middle of that wall.

Not anymore!

This same creek runs right behind my college next to a walking trail.

The creek flooded yesterday and the walking trail is gone.

I promise there are more pictures yet to come! Believe me, the photographer in me is dying to go out and shoot, but as I look out my window right now I can see some beautiful, yet probably not-so-safe, cracks of lighting streak through the sky about every thirty seconds. And the thunder is a-boomin’. Love it.

So here’s the moral of the story. Standing water + bad/pretty/dangerous lightning = Kristy cannot go take pictures of the flood. Sad day. (Although it is a life goal of mine to photograph a lightning storm one day…)

And I’m definitely not worried about the water going anywhere before I can snap its picture. The rain is forecasted to keep coming. All the way until Wednesday.

Personally, I’m enjoying the crazy weather. This Kansas girl has never seen so much rain at one time!


Livin’ and lovin’ the (currently) flooded and soaking wet while sitting in class life,



Hey y’all, it’s been a while!

In the past week I have tackled planning a youth event at my church, finding a summer job, putting the finishing touches on my semester-long senior photography project and somehow also found time to sleep (a little bit).

Life is busy.

But I’m sure y’all knew that already.

So now… because it’s Wednesday and I am dead tired and just trying to make it through the rest of this week, I have a short story for you.

Tonight as I was working on the afore mentioned senior project, I came into the need of a thesaurus. I couldn’t think of another word for “stick.” Not stick like a branch, stick like you stick something onto something else.

So, being a Mac user like I am, I tapped my handy-dandy F12 button and up popped my dashboard. I clicked on my dictionary widget and thought I changed the reference setting to thesaurus. I actually didn’t but that’s neither here nor there in this story.

I clicked on the text box and typed in stick.

And this is what came up.


Someone tell me what’s wrong with this picture.

Let me give you a hint.


I laughed so hard when this came up.

In case you missed it… stick and fungo are not equal.

First of all, I don’t even know what a “fungo” is.

Second of all, how does my dictionary/thesaurus give me fungo when I ask for stick?

I’m still laughing. (It’s the little things in life).

But hey, at least I learned something new today!

Much love,


Tuesday’s thoughts

Hello, hello, hello! It’s Tuesday! Unfortunately it’s not really that close to Friday, but at least it’s not Monday anymore.

Monday’s are rough. Especially yesterday. For me.

But…since it’s Tuesday, I’ll give you Tuesday’s thoughts. Maybe I should make this a weekly thing? I might need a more creative name to make it an official weekly event. Tuesday Museday? Maybe not. I’ll keep working on it.

Anyway… #1. Yesterday was rough. I was tired all day. More than normal tired. I had no energy and thought about skipping class simply because I didn’t want to go. I’m such a bad kid. (Don’t worry Mom, I promise I did go to all my classes!)

#2. I tried to give blood yesterday because the blood-mobile was here. (Does the word blood-mobile make anyone else feel like a super hero? I think I should get a Superman cape or a Zorro mask every time I give blood instead of a t-shirt. All because my blood gets to ride in a blood-mobile. Awesome.) Anyway… I wasn’t allowed to give because my iron count wasn’t high enough. My initial reaction was to blame it on the cafeteria food. Because that is the source of all my problems in life. Not really. But for real… you can’t buy protein (or iron I’m sure) in that place. My daily diet consists of fat, grease, and completely overcooked green beans on days I feel like I want to attempt eating cafeteria vegetables. But I later found out that my addiction to sweet tea might actually be to blame. Did you know that tea has something called “tannin” in it which reduce’s the body’s absorption of iron? And seeing as I’d had at least three or four glasses of sweet tea in the 48 hours prior to attempting to give blood, I guess I really had no shot at all of getting an acceptable iron count. Sad day. I just love my sweet tea too much.

#3. Summer is coming up and I still don’t know if I’ll be in Spain, in Arkansas, in Kansas. I have no clue. I’m still waiting to hear back on an internship. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Not knowing. Not planning. Not worrying. (That last one was a joke for those of you who don’t quite understand my sarcastic sense of humor. I’m sure the internet doesn’t help with the translation from my brain to your brain either. Sorry about that.)

#4. I wrenched my back out of place yesterday. Want to know how? It was so dumb, I’m almost to embarrassed to tell y’all. I did it picking up a sock. Yeah… a teeny-tiny little sock. I was doing laundry and bent down to grab the sock I’d dropped and while I was stooped over I felt something in my lower back move, pinch, explode, whatever… excuse me for not knowing the exact scientific term. All I know is that whatever happened, it wasn’t right and now I feel old and pregnant… let me clarify. I now walk like a crotchety, lopsided old man because my left leg refuses to move the way it’s supposed to and whenever I bend over for something, I have to lean back like a pregnant woman sitting in a chair. Awesome. And to top it all off, I ended up losing a sock somewhere between the washer, the dryer and my laundry basket. How the heck does that happen? I checked everywhere for it and I could not find that daggum sock. This would happen to me.

#5. I want to make this.

Fourteen layer cake. I think it looks like fourteen layer heaven on a platter just for me! For real, I don’t think I can live much longer without baking and eating this in the very near future. I’ll let you know how it goes.

#6. I’m excited because I’m about to go get coffee with a great friend in about 30 minutes. There’s a new coffee shop in town that we both love. They’re kind of coffee snobs though and I always feel completely intimidated whenever I go in there because their menu overwhelms me. “Yes, I’ll have the caffe-mocha-brave-creamed-frappuccino with half a shot of caramel and extra foam.” That is sooo not me! Give me some black Folgers any day and I’m one happy girl. That’s not to say that I don’t like to try those fancy coffee drinks. I do. I just don’t know how to order them. So I go in to this place and tell the barista to surprise me and they make me whatever they want. It works out well. The best thing I’ve had so far is some sort of coffee in a huge mug over a scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate and caramel drizzled over the top of it all. It was delish. Probably very bad for me. But very delish.

And that is the end of Tuesday’s thoughts. I’m ending on a quote, unquote “uneven” number. Sorry if that bother’s y’all.

Have a great week!


Praying naked

Faith is my life. I’d be nothing without the Big Man Upstairs and every essence of my being is rooted in him.

So, naturally I talk to him.

And I do it… NAKED. (There we go. Now I’ve got your attention!)

But for real, all of the above statements are true.

Two of my favorite places to pray are in my car while driving and in the shower.

I know most people sing in the shower, but I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, so I talk to God instead. It’s a pretty good trade.

And now because I am a blogger and bloggers like pictures and step-by-step processes, I’ll take you through the praying naked procedure.

Disclaimer: there will be no nudity in the following photos. Kskristy is family friendly!

Welcome to my bathroom.

Please ignore the girl with the bad posture. Crouching under a shower head made for people 5’5” and under for the past year has turned her into Quasimodo.

It’s a problem.

Welcome to my shower.

Normally, I put my towel on the shelf, strip and just hop right in without noticing any of the minutiae in the surrounding area. Which is why it surprised me to find this after I had been in the shower for almost a minute.


In the shower?

What the heck?

Is this a joke?

April Fool’s is tomorrow…

Who would put paper in the shower as an April Fool’s joke?

That’s lame.

Says the girl who’s never pulled and April Fool’s prank in her life.

That’s lame.

Wait… why is there paper in my shower?

After cycling through my thought process as detailed above, I reached out and touched the paper. I was confused as to why it hadn’t disintegrated yet.

It was laminated.

Laminated paper?

In the shower?

What the heck?

Is this a joke?

April. Fool’s is tomorrow…

Just kidding!

I’m not that dense.

I read the notes on the paper and was surprised to see our hall’s spiritual enrichment activity for the month.

Praying naked.

My RA came up with a schedule to pray for one girl on our hall each day while we’re in the shower.

I like it.

And now I’m not the only one who prays in the shower!

I wonder if I could write a book about this? “The Sisterhood of the Naked Prayers”? or “BFFs (Butts, Friends and Faith) Forever”?

I think these could be big hits. Forget about college, I just need a publishing company.

Kidding, kidding.

Happy weekend y’all!


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