Praying naked

Faith is my life. I’d be nothing without the Big Man Upstairs and every essence of my being is rooted in him.

So, naturally I talk to him.

And I do it… NAKED. (There we go. Now I’ve got your attention!)

But for real, all of the above statements are true.

Two of my favorite places to pray are in my car while driving and in the shower.

I know most people sing in the shower, but I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, so I talk to God instead. It’s a pretty good trade.

And now because I am a blogger and bloggers like pictures and step-by-step processes, I’ll take you through the praying naked procedure.

Disclaimer: there will be no nudity in the following photos. Kskristy is family friendly!

Welcome to my bathroom.

Please ignore the girl with the bad posture. Crouching under a shower head made for people 5’5” and under for the past year has turned her into Quasimodo.

It’s a problem.

Welcome to my shower.

Normally, I put my towel on the shelf, strip and just hop right in without noticing any of the minutiae in the surrounding area. Which is why it surprised me to find this after I had been in the shower for almost a minute.


In the shower?

What the heck?

Is this a joke?

April Fool’s is tomorrow…

Who would put paper in the shower as an April Fool’s joke?

That’s lame.

Says the girl who’s never pulled and April Fool’s prank in her life.

That’s lame.

Wait… why is there paper in my shower?

After cycling through my thought process as detailed above, I reached out and touched the paper. I was confused as to why it hadn’t disintegrated yet.

It was laminated.

Laminated paper?

In the shower?

What the heck?

Is this a joke?

April. Fool’s is tomorrow…

Just kidding!

I’m not that dense.

I read the notes on the paper and was surprised to see our hall’s spiritual enrichment activity for the month.

Praying naked.

My RA came up with a schedule to pray for one girl on our hall each day while we’re in the shower.

I like it.

And now I’m not the only one who prays in the shower!

I wonder if I could write a book about this? “The Sisterhood of the Naked Prayers”? or “BFFs (Butts, Friends and Faith) Forever”?

I think these could be big hits. Forget about college, I just need a publishing company.

Kidding, kidding.

Happy weekend y’all!


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  1. Jean Meinzer Reply

    Kristy-funny you should write about this. We had a pastor who once preached a sermon on “wrestle naked” from Ephesians. Some of us ladies in the church are going to get t-shirts made and wear them to church, just to see what kind of response we get. Why “wrestle naked”? We’re supposed to “strip down” and pray like our life depends on it, because it does.

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