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T minus two

T minus two… DAYS.

Not months.

Not weeks.


I’m taking the LSAT on Saturday. Holy cow.

I haven’t studied in over a month. I meant to. I just got… busy. And October 1 crept up on me fast.

I don’t even know if I want to go to law school.

I’m trying to tell myself, “This is only a practice test. Just go into it with the attitude that it doesn’t even matter. It might be all for nothing anyway so don’t even worry about it.”

A lot of good that’s doing me.

Five minutes ago I looked up directions to the testing center and just doing that gave me a huge pit in my stomach.

What have I gotten myself into? Is voluntary torture like this even legal? (Update: I totally just re-read this and laughed. I’m asking questions about the legality of the LSAT… haha.)

There’s a saying among law students that in your first year, they scare you to death; in your second year, they work you to death; and in your third year they bore you to death. Well I’m starting to believe it because I’m already scared out of my mind to take the LSAT and that’s only supposedly a small taste of what’s to come.

Did you know that I am only allowed to enter the testing center with a gallon size plastic bag? In it, I can only have my admissions ticket, my ID, my wallet, my keys, No. 2 pencils (I HATE pencils), erasers, tissues (to stop the bleeding when my brain aneurysm ruptures), a 20 oz. beverage in a plastic container and a snack for break time. Anything else and they kick me out.

I’m worried I’m going to mess that up! Which would make it easy, I guess… no LSAT, no law school. Done. Decision made.

Not really. I don’t want to shut any doors just yet.

And now I’ll leave you with a low-quality (sorry) picture I pulled off Google Images.

Because if Elle Woods can do it, doggone it, so can I.

Ellipsis list…

I miss…

…my blog. It’s been over a month since my last post. I’m so sorry about that! I’ve missed y’all.

…Spain. I found this picture on Pinterest yesterday. (you can find the original here:)

This is Sunflower Valley in Valencia, Spain.

Holy cow beautiful.

I never knew Spain had such beautiful sunflower fields. I was only six and a half hours away from this place while I was in Málaga this summer. Why didn’t I know about this?

I love sunflowers. They remind me of Kansas.

Minus the whole cliff in the background thing. That’s not like Kansas at all.

In this past month I have…

…started my senior year of college. And come down with a major case of Senioritis, which I’ve actually had for the past three years. I put off my homework and all I want to do is have fun times with fun people. Can I major in that please?

…not studied for the LSAT. And I’m taking it on Saturday. Is there a problem here? My logical reasoning skills say yes.

…got an iPhone! Actually, I did that this morning. It’s fantastic. And a time waster. But hey, I don’t care all that much about my homework anyway so we’re all good, right?

Which brings me back to… I miss…

…my Kansas phone number. I had to get an Arkansas phone number with my new iPhone and I just realized that for some reason I was really attached to my old Kansas phone number. Is that dumb? Yes? Ok, I’ll get over it.

Thanks for loving me even though I miss trivial things like phone numbers and don’t blog for a month.

Y’all are wonderful. I’ll be back soon. In less than a month, I promise!

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