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The waiting game

This is not my photo. I pulled it from Google Images because it looks a lot more peaceful than I feel right now and I need to look at something pretty and tranquil.

Why the anxiousness you ask?

Oh, let me tell ya.

LSAT scores are being released RIGHT NOW.

They started a couple of hours ago and I still haven’t got mine. I’ve refreshed my email about a hundred and fifty times now and the empty mailbox sound just keeps echoing louder and louder in my dark little cave of a dorm room, which is normally bright and happy and not very cave-like at all.

Waiting kills my soul.

I don’t know what to expect. I’ve seen several Twitter posts from people who’ve scored in the high 160s and they’ve said they’re in the top 95%. I don’t know if that’s normal or not, but to me it sounds like that means there’s gonna be a whole bunch of scores way below that.

I was hoping for a 155-160, but now my confidence is dropping like the temperature in a freak Kansas snowstorm and I’ve convinced myself I might’ve scraped up a 130 if I’m lucky.

LSAT scores please come soon!

Wordle goodness

Have any of y’all heard of Wordle?

It’s basically a word cloud generator based on the text you provide or you can enter a URL and it will sample text from the entire website. The bigger the word in the word cloud, the more that word is used on the website. Y’all should check it out.

I decided to run kskristy through the word cloud generator and see the extent of my vocabulary.

I found out I use a bunch of short words. I blame that on my journalism training. Write short. Be concise. Put everything in layman’s terms. If Joe-Six-Pack can’t understand your story, you need to rewrite it.

Maybe I should begin expressing myself in more grandiose diction. Would you all be of the same accord?

Yeah right.

Anyway…back to my Wordle. Was that awkward? I kinda feel like it was. Sorry.

I like that you have color, layout and font choices.

Observe my creation.

Obviously the LSAT has consumed my life for the past few months. With the exception of the giant, “even” in the lower right corner (what’s up with that?!) I’m pretty sure it’s the most used word on my list.

Kansas is up there. Of course. Ain’t no greater state out there. Holla.

Spain got a little shout out too. Down there in the corner next to even. (Again… what the heck is that about? Even… really?)

The placement of certain words next to each other in this thing really amuses me. For example… “second iPhone” is up there at the top-right. I don’t think it’s quite time for that yet. I haven’t even had my first iPhone for a whole month. And I have no desire whatsoever to get the iPhone 4S. Although I do have a friend who’s trying to convince me it’s the greatest thing on earth. Sorry ’bout ya. The iPhone 4 is more than enough phone for me.

“Fun homework.” In the middle. Towards the top. I have no idea why those words got put together. There is no such thing. The end.

“Studying problem.” Right side. In the middle. Now that is real and I do have it. A majorly bad, really incapacitating case of it. Somebody help me.

“Tell y’all.” Middle bottom. I tell y’all lots of things. It’s true. Thanks for listening.

“Dirt good.” Middle-right-middle. (Does that make sense?) This is also true though. Dirt is good. Good dirt is good. Kansas dirt is good. Kansas dirt is the best. Let me tell y’all about it.

“Whaaaaat just happened?” Bottom left. Right below Kansas. The whaaaaat is super small, but how perfect is it that all those words got put together? I feel like this might be the anthem of my life.

“Going albino.” Top left. Now what the heck is this all about? I’m already losing the great tan I got in Spain. Sad, sad day. I don’t want to go albino.

“Two scared pencils.” Top-middleish-left. My pencils were very scared going into the LSAT. Only, I took three of them. Hopefully I used the not scared pencil to take the test. Maybe I’ll get a better score.

Speaking of the LSAT, I get my score back in just a little over a week! Up until now, I’ve done a good job of not thinking about it. But I’ve been on fall break for the past three days and have poured myself into completing law school applications. I’m hoping to get the loose ends tied up pretty soon so once I get that LSAT score, I can send out all my applications and begin that waiting game. Joyful, joyful.

And with the complete caveat, I bid you adieu.

The rain in Spain…

There is nothing about rain in this post. Sorry.

But it is about Spain!

It already feels like it’s been a lifetime since I was there. But every once in a while I get a happy little reminder about my summer in Spain.

The other day was one of those days.

Let me preface this by explaining that websites in Spain were all in Spanish. (Makes sense, right?) Luckily, my computer would automatically translate the website into English after a few seconds and the next time I visited that site, it would remember the language I last viewed the page in and it would pull the site up in that language without the translation delay.

I read Google News a lot while I was in Spain and for some reason I guess I haven’t read it that much since I got back to the States.

I didn’t realize how long it had been since I visited the site until I pulled it up the other day and this is what I saw.

It’s all in Spanish!

After a few seconds it switched over to English, but it was a sweet memory of a wonderful place.

Today I’m missing Spain.

Life post LSAT

It is finished.

It’s been finished for a while. Nine days to be exact.

(I’m talking about the LSAT, in case you didn’t know.)

I’m just waiting for October 26 when I get my score back. I’m trying not to over-analyze how I did; I know I didn’t bomb it, but I don’t think I knocked it out of the park either. I’m leaving it at that and just trying to not think about it.

My life post LSAT has been just as busy. I spent 13 hours in a darkroom over the course of two days last week trying to stumble my way through developing film and prints for an assignment that was due today. I had no idea what I was doing but my photos still turned out well (praise the Lord) and I even had fun (a little bit).

My assignment was to shoot several rolls of film around my little college town’s historic downtown area. I took my dSLR along with me because it’s like my trusty security blanket compared to this newfangled film camera.

You know you grew up in the digital age when you think a film camera is “newfangled.”

But anyway, I found this old abandoned church and I fell. in. love.

I just love abandoned buildings. Remember the old house I explored in Kansas last Thanksgiving? Check out the photos here in case you missed it.

Well, this church had a tree growing out of its walls. It was so interesting. I took the RAW file and played around with it in Photoshop just for fun. I usually don’t use a lot of actions, but I ran one that I thought might give the photo a fun look. After I tweaked it a little bit, I really liked it.

Here it is. Feel free to tell me what you think.

I just wish I could have gone inside and explored more! What a beautiful building.

Until next time,


A fall Friday afternoon

Let me take y’all back to last Friday.

It was the day before the LSAT and I had been telling myself all week that I was going to take at least one full-length practice test before Saturday. And surprise, surprise, I hadn’t done it yet. I told myself I was going to do it that afternoon. No excuses.

But something came up. An immediate pressing issue. An urgent situation. That I had to give my full attention to.

Some friends invited me to go to a pumpkin patch.

How could I say no? It was a beautiful fall afternoon and y’all know me… I’m all about ditching my responsibilities to have fun.

It’s a problem.

So I went and I had a blast and I didn’t regret not studying for even a second.

Meet my lovely friends.

Meet our pumpkins.

The albino one is mine. I loved it right when I saw it. I’d never seen an albino pumpkin before. I figured “albino pumpkin” probably wasn’t the technical term so I Googled it when I got home and I actually couldn’t find a scientific name for it. There are other nicknames out there like ghost pumpkins and snowballs. But no real name. Sad day. You let me down, Google.

Look at us being all matchy, matchy.

I was happy in the pumpkin patch. Can ya tell?

I can’t even tell you. That place was good for my soul. It was way out in the boonies of Arkansas at the end of a dirt road. The guy who owned the place had the sweetest southern drawl. The patch covered five acres of wide open land. There was dirt.

Yeah. That’s right. There was dirt.

I think that was the most exciting part for me.

It wasn’t good, rich Kansas dirt, but it was the closest thing to Kansas dirt I’ve seen in over two months.

All in all, it was such a great day. I loved spending time outdoors in God’s beautiful creation with some of my favorite people.

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