(Un)appetizing apps

“How did I ever live without the iPhone?”

I’m kind of embarrassed to admit how many times I’ve asked myself that since getting an iPhone last September.

I never thought I would be one of those techie people who hugged and loved their electronic devices and called them George, if you know what I mean. I don’t think I’m quite there yet, but I really love my iPhone.

One of my favorite things to do is look up new apps. I’m kind of embarrassed to admit how much time I’ve wasted browsing through the App Store.

Now y’all know (or if you don’t, you should) that I love cooking. Love it, love it, love it. Sometimes I secretly dream of going to culinary school. I guess that ain’t a secret no more, but whatever. Anyway, I’m all into the foodie apps in the App Store. I downloaded one last week that was particularly enjoyable.

But not for the reason you might think.

The app is called Dinner Spinner. One of its main features is that it lets your “spin” or shake your iPhone to get a random selection of dishes and ingredients. They target this feature to people who aren’t quite sure what they want to eat. I think they should target it to twenty-something female college students who love to cook more than they love to do homework.

Or maybe not. That advertising strategy might only work on me. Just a guess.

Still, I was thoroughly entertained the other night by the variety of combinations I got by shaking my iPhone. Some sounded good. Some were… well, interesting. See for yourself.


I can’t make fish dessert recipes in my slow cooker? Sad day! I really wanted that salmon peach cobbler.


There were also normal recipes for main dishes with fish like baked salmon and tilapia. (But still no salmon peach cobbler.)


These were the recipes that turned up for cookies with some sort of fruit ingredient. Here’s my question… what in tarnation is a hootycreek? Sounds like something we probably have in Arkansas.


Ask and ye shall receive. A hootycreek is a beautifully festive cookie in a jar recipe that makes a great gift. My life is better for knowing this.


The app has plenty of recipes for main dishes with chicken.


But none for chicken beverages.


Or chicken cookies.

I’m sad. I wanted all of those things. (I kid. I kid. It just makes the app more funny if I pretend to be hurt by its lack of ridiculous recipes. Ha.)

And on that note, I’m off to go concoct a recipe for salmon peach cobbler in the slow cooker!

Daily anti-joke: kskristy style

I set the oven mitt on fire again today.

You’d’ve thought I’d learned my lesson after the great muffin disaster… yeah, not so much.

Somebody send me back to kindergarten, or cooking 101, or wherever it is that they teach you how to not set kitchen accessories on fire.


The structural integrity of my house depends on it.


But do y’all know what’s better than setting an oven mitt on fire?


A beautiful sunset picture.

And that was your daily anti-joke: kskristy style.

For those of you who are completely confounded and confused, perplexed and puzzled, let me explain. An anti-joke is is a type of comedy in which the listener is set up to expect a typical joke, but the joke ends with such anticlimax that it becomes funny in its own right. The lack of punchline is the punchline.

I’m sorry. I really think anti-jokes are corny. But certain friends of mine have had a negative influence on me and fill my life with anti-jokes on a regular basis.

If you’re reading this, you know who you are.

And y’all better enjoy this one moment of glory because I will never tell an anti-joke again.


Instead, I’m going to work on finding a 12-step program that helps people who suffer from destructive behaviors like repetitively igniting oven mitts.

Wish me luck.

Recaps, reviews and resolutions

Everybody’s doing it. You know, writing a “Here’s-what-I-did-in-2011-and-here’s-what-I’m-going-to-do-in-2012” blog post. And I’m finally jumping on that bandwagon. I’m only four days late.

I run on my own schedule.


2011 was a fun year! And because I’m sure y’all have already read a bunch of these kinds of lists and I don’t want to bore you, I’ll just rattle off a few quick highlights. I’m sure this is probably more for my benefit/nostalgia/enjoyment than yours anyway.

–2011 saw more snow days for my little Arkansas university than it had seen in 30+ years.

–Said snow days occurred as a result of one heck of a crazy snowstorm everyone dubbed, “The Snowpocalypse.”

–Then came, “The Rainpocalypse.”

–I failed at baking brownies, coloring, cards, and drawing the state of Kansas.

–The highlight of the year was definitely completing an internship in Spain!

–I decided to take the LSAT and possibly apply to law school.

–I started my senior year of college.

–I got to TP a basketball court.

–2011 closed out with a (semi)-winter storm and plenty of Christmas and New Year’s parties.


Now… for 2012.

I’m not much for resolutions. It’s not something I’ve ever really done and I’m much more of a go-with-the-flow person as opposed to making a plan and sticking to it tooth and nail.

I jokingly told a friend that I had made a one-day resolution to cheer for the Denver Broncos when they played the Kansas City Chiefs even though I am a huge Chiefs fan. I only did it because I didn’t want the Oakland Raiders to go to the playoffs, which they would have if Kansas City won. A few minutes after the game started though, I figured out that if Oakland lost their game to the San Diego Chargers, it didn’t matter if Denver won or lost; Oakland would be denied a playoff berth. (If you’re unfamiliar with the NFL playoff system, let me tell you, it can get a little crazy!)

So I said heck with the Donkeys, uhh… Broncos, and cheered all-out for my Chiefs!

And it all ended up working out ok. The Chiefs won and Oakland lost! Yay!

But, I digress.

Back to New Year’s resolutions.

Which I don’t really make.

With the exception of sarcastic one-day resolutions pertaining to football games that I actually make for selfish reasons.

And then break ten minutes into them.

I have problems. I know this.

But for real. A couple days before the new year, I downloaded a year in photos app for my iPhone. Y’all know what I’m talking about. Take one picture a day, every day, for 365 days.

Now, I’m really not a fan of such long-term commitments, mostly because I don’t like planning and being tied down, but also because I’m pretty sure I’ll break them. Nevertheless, I’m attempting this one. And by attempting, I mean keeping up with it as long as I can and not caring too much when I miss a day.

I’ve kept up with it so far though! Four days… impressive, I know.

Here are the first three photos and captions. (I haven’t uploaded the fourth to my computer yet. It and subsequent photos will hopefully follow.)


New Year’s Cookies! This is a family tradition. Every year my aunt makes these delicious German treats. This year I had at least six of them. I lost count after that, so the final tally isn’t exactly known. Oh well, it’s better that way. I’d probably rather not know how many I ate. I tend to overindulge a bit during all the holiday parties.

I have problems. I know this.

Being a cat is rough. Just ask my cat, Turvy, and he’ll tell you all about it. He gets to spend all day inside and stick his head in the bag of cat food and eat whenever he wants. And he’s supposed to be an outside cat. Pshhh. My mother spoils him.

Family Christmas supper at the local restaurant. This was like the twelfth (and final… thank goodness) family Christmas we’ve had this year. I love my family. I really, really do. And I love get-togethers and parties! But we like to eat in my family, so there is always tons of food at our get-togethers and my stomach has finally said enough.

The flip side is that in a week, I know I’ll be back at school dying to have a home-cooked meal again, so I really shouldn’t complain.

And that’s all for now, folks!

I hope y’all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year’s with your friends and families and that you can approach each day in 2012 as it comes, with a smile on your face!

Life recently

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’ve neglected this blog. I’m sorry.

I know y’all wait with bated breath (pet peeve cliché right there) to read about the super exciting details of my life and y’all’s worlds cave in when I don’t post an update every day…

Okay, maybe not.

I’m pretty sure I only have three readers anyway, so sorry to you three. Let’s move on.

Life recently has consisted of…

–Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday of all time. It’s ten times better than Christmas in my opinion. No gifts. (I’m so not a gifts person.) Just quality time with friends and family, (I’m all about the quality time) and lots and lots of food. I’m all about the food too. I love to fill my plate with everything: turkey, mashed taters, sweet taters, green bean casserole, stuffing, and then cover my entire plate in gravy. Yes please, amen, thank you Jesus. Gravy is all that is right and holy in this world.

–Basketball. I’m still totally into football (even though my Chiefs are quickly playing their way to a last place standing in the AFC West) but basketball is my favorite sport and the college basketball season is gearing up. Several weeks ago my little Arkansas college made national headlines after our first home game of the season.

That is the Yahoo homepage. We’re famous for earning basketball’s best technical foul. And it’s a doozy. If you dont’ know what I’m talking about, you should do a Google search for, “JBU TP game.” It’ll change your life.

ESPN tweeted about us!

ESPN even aired footage of the game and gave commentary on our crazy tradition during its show, “Around the Horn.” We were on national television! It was a pretty big deal for our little bitty school.

And for one last bit of importnat life info, (that is probably not all that important to most people, but I’ll tell y’all anyway because that’s the kind of person I am…)

–I am turning into an old person. I just had a birthday earlier this week and now I go to bed at like 11:00 every night. Considering that I am a night owl and I am also a college student, this early bedtime business is kind of ridiculous. But I’m also not complaining. Sleeping is wonderful. I just haven’t done a whole lot of it the past three years of my life. It’s like I’m rediscovering my affections for an old friend.

That wording was weird. It’s past 11:30. I’m not thinking clearly. It’s past my bedtime. I’m going to bed.

Life post LSAT

It is finished.

It’s been finished for a while. Nine days to be exact.

(I’m talking about the LSAT, in case you didn’t know.)

I’m just waiting for October 26 when I get my score back. I’m trying not to over-analyze how I did; I know I didn’t bomb it, but I don’t think I knocked it out of the park either. I’m leaving it at that and just trying to not think about it.

My life post LSAT has been just as busy. I spent 13 hours in a darkroom over the course of two days last week trying to stumble my way through developing film and prints for an assignment that was due today. I had no idea what I was doing but my photos still turned out well (praise the Lord) and I even had fun (a little bit).

My assignment was to shoot several rolls of film around my little college town’s historic downtown area. I took my dSLR along with me because it’s like my trusty security blanket compared to this newfangled film camera.

You know you grew up in the digital age when you think a film camera is “newfangled.”

But anyway, I found this old abandoned church and I fell. in. love.

I just love abandoned buildings. Remember the old house I explored in Kansas last Thanksgiving? Check out the photos here in case you missed it.

Well, this church had a tree growing out of its walls. It was so interesting. I took the RAW file and played around with it in Photoshop just for fun. I usually don’t use a lot of actions, but I ran one that I thought might give the photo a fun look. After I tweaked it a little bit, I really liked it.

Here it is. Feel free to tell me what you think.

I just wish I could have gone inside and explored more! What a beautiful building.

Until next time,


A fall Friday afternoon

Let me take y’all back to last Friday.

It was the day before the LSAT and I had been telling myself all week that I was going to take at least one full-length practice test before Saturday. And surprise, surprise, I hadn’t done it yet. I told myself I was going to do it that afternoon. No excuses.

But something came up. An immediate pressing issue. An urgent situation. That I had to give my full attention to.

Some friends invited me to go to a pumpkin patch.

How could I say no? It was a beautiful fall afternoon and y’all know me… I’m all about ditching my responsibilities to have fun.

It’s a problem.

So I went and I had a blast and I didn’t regret not studying for even a second.

Meet my lovely friends.

Meet our pumpkins.

The albino one is mine. I loved it right when I saw it. I’d never seen an albino pumpkin before. I figured “albino pumpkin” probably wasn’t the technical term so I Googled it when I got home and I actually couldn’t find a scientific name for it. There are other nicknames out there like ghost pumpkins and snowballs. But no real name. Sad day. You let me down, Google.

Look at us being all matchy, matchy.

I was happy in the pumpkin patch. Can ya tell?

I can’t even tell you. That place was good for my soul. It was way out in the boonies of Arkansas at the end of a dirt road. The guy who owned the place had the sweetest southern drawl. The patch covered five acres of wide open land. There was dirt.

Yeah. That’s right. There was dirt.

I think that was the most exciting part for me.

It wasn’t good, rich Kansas dirt, but it was the closest thing to Kansas dirt I’ve seen in over two months.

All in all, it was such a great day. I loved spending time outdoors in God’s beautiful creation with some of my favorite people.

Ellipsis list…

I miss…

…my blog. It’s been over a month since my last post. I’m so sorry about that! I’ve missed y’all.

…Spain. I found this picture on Pinterest yesterday. (you can find the original here:)

This is Sunflower Valley in Valencia, Spain.

Holy cow beautiful.

I never knew Spain had such beautiful sunflower fields. I was only six and a half hours away from this place while I was in Málaga this summer. Why didn’t I know about this?

I love sunflowers. They remind me of Kansas.

Minus the whole cliff in the background thing. That’s not like Kansas at all.

In this past month I have…

…started my senior year of college. And come down with a major case of Senioritis, which I’ve actually had for the past three years. I put off my homework and all I want to do is have fun times with fun people. Can I major in that please?

…not studied for the LSAT. And I’m taking it on Saturday. Is there a problem here? My logical reasoning skills say yes.

…got an iPhone! Actually, I did that this morning. It’s fantastic. And a time waster. But hey, I don’t care all that much about my homework anyway so we’re all good, right?

Which brings me back to… I miss…

…my Kansas phone number. I had to get an Arkansas phone number with my new iPhone and I just realized that for some reason I was really attached to my old Kansas phone number. Is that dumb? Yes? Ok, I’ll get over it.

Thanks for loving me even though I miss trivial things like phone numbers and don’t blog for a month.

Y’all are wonderful. I’ll be back soon. In less than a month, I promise!

Audios, España. Hello, America!

My last post from Spain.

This is the kind of moment where a normal person would get all fancy and poetic and say some sort of emotional farewell about how it’s bittersweet to be leaving, how part of their heart will always be in Spain… blah, blah, blah.

I’m not that kind of gal.

Nope, my fond farewell sounds a little more like this, “Hasta la vista, baby… I’m going home! And God Bless America!”

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve loved my time in Spain. I really, truly have. But I’m so ready to get back to the States.

My wonderful, blessed, familiar, Walmart-shopping, sweet tea-drinking, cowboy boot-wearing, beef for dinner-eating, red white and blue, English-speaking country. Amen.

So, so ready. You have no idea.

I’ve been going crazy this past week, chomping at the bit for this moment. The moment where my apartment is clean (ok, well that hasn’t happened quite yet), where my bags are all packed (y’all have got to be out of your precious minds if you think that’s already happened! Anybody who knows me knows I’m still packing two minutes before I’m out the door), where I’m on that plane and headed home (and obviously that hasn’t happened yet either).

So basically I’m still waiting for “that moment.” But in my head, I’m so there.


And switching gears now for a sec… gotta take care of business, you know.

I know I haven’t posted Camino photos yet. I’m sorry. I’m ashamed. I’m a bad blogger. Forgive me.

I’ve been busy preparing for “that moment.”

Unfortunately, photos won’t be up for several more days.

I think I have something on the schedule for tomorrow. Hmm… I can’t seem to remember what it was. I think it might take me all day… what could it be?

How about spending 24 hours on a plane/in an airport? That part I am not excited about, but I’ll take it if it gets me home.

And then right away I’m heading up to one of my favorite places in the whole wide world. THE LAKE. (I just want y’all to know that normally, I’m totally against typing words in all caps. It makes me feel like a 13-year-old girl. I’m not ok with that. But the lake is a big deal. It warrants all caps.)

I’m going to spend a few days at the lake with my wonderful, wonderful family who I haven’t seen in two months. No internet. No kskristy. Sorry about ya. I’ll be focusing all of my efforts on wakeboarding, kneeboarding, skiiing and eating. I love y’all, but that’s just the way it’s gotta be.

Girl’s gotta live it up, ya know?

Anyway, then I’m driving nine hours back to Kansas. And then I’m going to die. For two or three days at least. I’m willing myself to hold off the jet lag until then. No jet lag allowed at the lake. There’s time for that later. That’s the pep talk I’m going to give myself. What? You think I should be named Motivational Speaker of the Year? Why, thank you, I accept. I always knew that speech would touch people someday…

Sorry. Back on track.

But for real. I’m going to be tiiiiiiiiired. (This also makes me feel like a 13-year-old girl. But again, it was necessary for proper emphasis. Or maybe I’m already a little too tired…)

I’ll post the Camino photos sometime during the week that I’m home.

Until then, here’s one to tide you over.

Dreamy, ain’t it?

I can’t wait to share more with you.

But right now, it’s a quarter after midnight in Spain and I have a million things to do before heading out to the airport in just a few hours.

Catch ya later in the States. Much love for now,


Rainpocalypse photos

Hey y’all! I know it’s been a week since the rain stopped (although it’s raining here again today) and “The Rainpocalypse” is kind of old news, but I’ve just finished editing the photos I shot last week. Dang papers sucked the life out of me last week. But just three more days, two more finals and I am done with school for the year!

I figured I’d let the photos speak for themselves in this post. Enjoy!




The Rainpocalypse

Arkansas is flooding!

For real. It hasn’t stopped raining in my little college town since Thursday.

A friend and I had to run to class today during the heaviest part of the storm, correction: today’s storm. It has been worse. We’ve had tornadoes.

But…nonetheless, it’s pretty crazy out here.

Take a look at the creek that runs through downtown.



It is NEVER this full. Never. Usually the waterfall is contained to a little six-foot strip right in the middle of that wall.

Not anymore!

This same creek runs right behind my college next to a walking trail.

The creek flooded yesterday and the walking trail is gone.

I promise there are more pictures yet to come! Believe me, the photographer in me is dying to go out and shoot, but as I look out my window right now I can see some beautiful, yet probably not-so-safe, cracks of lighting streak through the sky about every thirty seconds. And the thunder is a-boomin’. Love it.

So here’s the moral of the story. Standing water + bad/pretty/dangerous lightning = Kristy cannot go take pictures of the flood. Sad day. (Although it is a life goal of mine to photograph a lightning storm one day…)

And I’m definitely not worried about the water going anywhere before I can snap its picture. The rain is forecasted to keep coming. All the way until Wednesday.

Personally, I’m enjoying the crazy weather. This Kansas girl has never seen so much rain at one time!


Livin’ and lovin’ the (currently) flooded and soaking wet while sitting in class life,


Here today…

…and gone tomorrow.

This area, known as “The Quad” at my small university is a large grassy area in the middle of campus. In the fall and spring, students love to hang out on The Quad: playing frisbee, doing homework, napping.

Just a mere three weeks ago, students flocked to The Quad on an unusually warm day in late January.

Then last Tuesday night and Wednesday, a snowstorm the likes of which Arkansas has never seen before dumped 20 inches of snow on our campus and cancelled classes for only the fourth time since the 1970s.

This was Thursday, February 10.

So much snow! Most students here didn’t know what to do with themselves. Not many of them had ever seen that much snow in their lives. But I can promise you this: nobody was napping on The Quad that day!

After a couple days of temperatures in the low teens, the weather went schizo and skyrocketed into the 60s.

And this is all that was left of the snow by Monday, February 14.

What a difference a few days makes.

The snow has melted even further today and The Quad now looks like a swamp.

Oh, how I love Arkansas.

Much love,


The Snowpocalypse

Ok, I just couldn’t stay away from y’all. My Mac is still in the shop (can you say “in the shop” when referring to computer repair? Or does it sound too much like auto mechanics? Whatever..either way I’m still without my computer) but I have been dying to share some photos with you.

In the past two weeks, my little college campus has survived what is being dubbed as “The Snowpocalypse.” We’ve had over 25 inches of snow in two weeks. Growing up in Kansas has exposed me to my fair share of blizzards and snowstorms, but this is absolutely unheard of for Arkansas.

Last Wednesday morning, I woke up at 6:30 in the morning to my phone ringing and girls shrieking in the room next door. The phone call was from our campus alert system notifying me that campus would be closed for the day and all classes were cancelled.

I had received the same phone call a week earlier during the first round of this “Snowpocalypse” and was amused to find that hardly any snow was on the ground outside. Arkansans will cancel school for a snowflake, it’s a little ridiculous.

So naturally, I expected to see a similar dusting of snow when I looked out my window Wednesday morning.

I think I may have even shrieked myself when I saw this…

There are cars out there somewhere in that parking lot, I promise!

Needless to say, I felt like the class cancellation was justified this time.

Look at that drift. The snow is up to the windows! I was impressed. It’s been a while since I’ve seen snow like this.

My friends and I enjoyed staying inside that day (because with the beautiful snow also came nasty cold temperatures) doing nothing. The next day though, classes were cancelled again but the sun was out and shining so we decided to go have some fun in the snow.

I have beautiful friends.

During our winter wonderland excursion, I found out a fascinating fact about myself.

Apparently, I’ve got hops like Air Jordan.

What the heck?

I’m pretty sure that person is not me. I’ve never been able to jump that high.

I did have a lot of pent up energy from being inside for two straight days… maybe that explains it?

I have no idea.

I just wish I could have had hops like that in high school. My athletic career would have been way more stellar than it actually was.

Anyway… as beautiful as this snow is, I don’t think it’s going to stick around for long. Temperatures are forecasted to hit the 60s by the middle of next week.

In Kansas we have a saying to describe this: “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change.” And let me tell you, that is an absolutely true statement. But I’ve never experienced it anywhere but home.

Since when did Arkansas turn into Kansas?

Whatever. I like the craziness and unpredictability. It keeps life interesting.

Much love,


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