The Real World

Whelp… I’m officially a member of the real world now.

And I’m not talking about the reality show.

I’m talking about the I-got-a-job-I-got-an-apartment-now-I-have-to-pay-tons-of-money-for-everything real world.

Life is grand.

Life also changes a lot in just a week.

When I woke up on Monday, April 30, I was still a college student with no job and nowhere to live after Saturday, May 5.

And by God’s grace, everything came together before graduation. It came down to the last possible second (story of my life), but still, it all came together.

I walked across that stage on Saturday morning surrounded by friends, with a place to live and a job secured.

Here’s me and my diploma (cover)!

I start working on Monday (so excited for that!) and in the meantime I’ve been unpacking and organizing my apartment.

Apartment living is quite the adjustment. Especially for a country girl who’s spent most of her life in the middle of nowhere surrounded by peace and quiet.

But that’s a post for another day.

Monthly roundup

I told myself that this would never happen. I told myself I wouldn’t be one of those bloggers that fell off the face of the earth for indefinite periods of time only to resurface and say, “Oh I’m so sorry! But my life got busy and this and that and blah, blah, blah.” But it’s happened… again.

Here’s the deal.

I graduate in less than two months. And while I am ready to be done with school and homework, I am definitely nowhere near ready to leave the friends family I’ve made over these past four years. I am determined to soak up every minute I have left with the absolutely wonderful people in my life. And if my blog posts have to come less frequently in order for me to do that, then so be it.

I still love y’all. Promise. But y’all are just gonna have to hold yer horses for a while.

So, as is (somewhat) usual for me, here’s the monthly roundup of the last month of my life. It has been full of adventure!


My friend and I went to the historic district of a nearby town last month and explored. It was so fun! The area was beautiful and charming and there were advertisements painted on the sides of buildings. I’m a sucker for old advertisements painted on the sides of buildings. Just to let y’all know.

It snowed. Once. And it melted the same afternoon it came down. That’s been the only sign of winter we’ve seen all year. And as much as I like snow, I ain’t complaining. Bring on summer! I’m ready for warmth and sunshine!

The sunsets have been beautiful! This is good for my soul. (But let it be known that sunsets in Kansas are still 4597230958 times better than they are in Arkansas.)

I’ve been learning lots of useful things in school. This is from my freshman-level art history class. It’s my favorite. Can’t ya tell?

And even though I’m totally slacking off in class (and not ashamed of it), I’m still keeping up my grades (see, Momma?). In fact, this was the highest grade I’ve ever made on a test in college. Thank you freshman-level art class that takes almost no effort to pass.

I went skeet shooting last weekend with some friends. It was a blast! I’ve shot trap before (once) but this was my first time shooting skeet. I was terrible. But it was great fun. It’s my goal in life to be a good shot someday. Then I won’t feel like such a poser. I swear, what kind of country girl can’t shoot a gun? Oh right, me. Farm girl fail.

That’s about all for now. I’ll do my best to keep y’all updated as much as possible, but like I said, I’m gonna enjoy the heck out of every last minute I have until graduation! I only have 79,719 minutes left. That’s 55 days.

That’s too soon.

Recaps, reviews and resolutions

Everybody’s doing it. You know, writing a “Here’s-what-I-did-in-2011-and-here’s-what-I’m-going-to-do-in-2012” blog post. And I’m finally jumping on that bandwagon. I’m only four days late.

I run on my own schedule.


2011 was a fun year! And because I’m sure y’all have already read a bunch of these kinds of lists and I don’t want to bore you, I’ll just rattle off a few quick highlights. I’m sure this is probably more for my benefit/nostalgia/enjoyment than yours anyway.

–2011 saw more snow days for my little Arkansas university than it had seen in 30+ years.

–Said snow days occurred as a result of one heck of a crazy snowstorm everyone dubbed, “The Snowpocalypse.”

–Then came, “The Rainpocalypse.”

–I failed at baking brownies, coloring, cards, and drawing the state of Kansas.

–The highlight of the year was definitely completing an internship in Spain!

–I decided to take the LSAT and possibly apply to law school.

–I started my senior year of college.

–I got to TP a basketball court.

–2011 closed out with a (semi)-winter storm and plenty of Christmas and New Year’s parties.


Now… for 2012.

I’m not much for resolutions. It’s not something I’ve ever really done and I’m much more of a go-with-the-flow person as opposed to making a plan and sticking to it tooth and nail.

I jokingly told a friend that I had made a one-day resolution to cheer for the Denver Broncos when they played the Kansas City Chiefs even though I am a huge Chiefs fan. I only did it because I didn’t want the Oakland Raiders to go to the playoffs, which they would have if Kansas City won. A few minutes after the game started though, I figured out that if Oakland lost their game to the San Diego Chargers, it didn’t matter if Denver won or lost; Oakland would be denied a playoff berth. (If you’re unfamiliar with the NFL playoff system, let me tell you, it can get a little crazy!)

So I said heck with the Donkeys, uhh… Broncos, and cheered all-out for my Chiefs!

And it all ended up working out ok. The Chiefs won and Oakland lost! Yay!

But, I digress.

Back to New Year’s resolutions.

Which I don’t really make.

With the exception of sarcastic one-day resolutions pertaining to football games that I actually make for selfish reasons.

And then break ten minutes into them.

I have problems. I know this.

But for real. A couple days before the new year, I downloaded a year in photos app for my iPhone. Y’all know what I’m talking about. Take one picture a day, every day, for 365 days.

Now, I’m really not a fan of such long-term commitments, mostly because I don’t like planning and being tied down, but also because I’m pretty sure I’ll break them. Nevertheless, I’m attempting this one. And by attempting, I mean keeping up with it as long as I can and not caring too much when I miss a day.

I’ve kept up with it so far though! Four days… impressive, I know.

Here are the first three photos and captions. (I haven’t uploaded the fourth to my computer yet. It and subsequent photos will hopefully follow.)


New Year’s Cookies! This is a family tradition. Every year my aunt makes these delicious German treats. This year I had at least six of them. I lost count after that, so the final tally isn’t exactly known. Oh well, it’s better that way. I’d probably rather not know how many I ate. I tend to overindulge a bit during all the holiday parties.

I have problems. I know this.

Being a cat is rough. Just ask my cat, Turvy, and he’ll tell you all about it. He gets to spend all day inside and stick his head in the bag of cat food and eat whenever he wants. And he’s supposed to be an outside cat. Pshhh. My mother spoils him.

Family Christmas supper at the local restaurant. This was like the twelfth (and final… thank goodness) family Christmas we’ve had this year. I love my family. I really, really do. And I love get-togethers and parties! But we like to eat in my family, so there is always tons of food at our get-togethers and my stomach has finally said enough.

The flip side is that in a week, I know I’ll be back at school dying to have a home-cooked meal again, so I really shouldn’t complain.

And that’s all for now, folks!

I hope y’all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year’s with your friends and families and that you can approach each day in 2012 as it comes, with a smile on your face!

Rain and sleet and snow, oh my!

I’m back in Kansas! (And all the people said, “Amen!”)

My last fall semester of college is over and I’m spending my last Christmas break at home in Kansas. (And all the people said, “Amen!”)

I’m sorry. I’m just a little excited to be home. I’ll get down from my pulpit.

Yesterday was my second day in Kansas, (and all the people said… never mind) and I woke up to the sound of rain and this view outside my window.

Now, if any of y’all know anything about Kansas, you know this is a rare sight. And when any little bit of rain comes along you do a little dance and jump up and down and shout thank you at the sky.

Not really.

But for real, rain is a good thing (Luke Bryan, anyone?) and we are always thankful for the moisture.

However… yesterday I was not so happy with the rain.

I was being selfish and I wanted snow. Lots of snow. I mean, it was snowing an hour north of where I live, so why couldn’t I have snow too?

Life is so unfair.

I’m totally kidding.

It rained and rained all day long and we got over an inch! (That’s a big deal.) But let me put it in perspective. If it had snowed all day instead of rained, we would have had a foot of snow on the ground.

Boo. I wanted snow.

Sorry. I’ll stop whining too.

As I was going to bed last night, the rain had changed over to a sleet-y snow something but I had little hope left at that point. But when I woke up this morning, I saw this!

And this!

And this!

Now let me explain something to y’all. Snow never comes straight down in Kansas. It’s never soft and pretty like you see in the movies. It always blows in sideways.

What the heck does that mean, you ask?


Lots of wind.

It seems like we can never get any snow in Kansas without a gusty north wind. Yesterday was no exception. We were in a blizzard warning all day and we might not have gotten a lot of snow, but we got all the wind. Thank you Kansas, very much.

If you look at the last photo, you can see how the wind blew across my driveway and created a little ripple effect in the snow. It sure looks pretty, but it’s a pain if you actually have to be outside in it.

But I got to stay inside all day yesterday and I was a happy camper.

Now I just hope this snow will stick around until Sunday so we can have a white Christmas!

Life recently

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’ve neglected this blog. I’m sorry.

I know y’all wait with bated breath (pet peeve cliché right there) to read about the super exciting details of my life and y’all’s worlds cave in when I don’t post an update every day…

Okay, maybe not.

I’m pretty sure I only have three readers anyway, so sorry to you three. Let’s move on.

Life recently has consisted of…

–Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday of all time. It’s ten times better than Christmas in my opinion. No gifts. (I’m so not a gifts person.) Just quality time with friends and family, (I’m all about the quality time) and lots and lots of food. I’m all about the food too. I love to fill my plate with everything: turkey, mashed taters, sweet taters, green bean casserole, stuffing, and then cover my entire plate in gravy. Yes please, amen, thank you Jesus. Gravy is all that is right and holy in this world.

–Basketball. I’m still totally into football (even though my Chiefs are quickly playing their way to a last place standing in the AFC West) but basketball is my favorite sport and the college basketball season is gearing up. Several weeks ago my little Arkansas college made national headlines after our first home game of the season.

That is the Yahoo homepage. We’re famous for earning basketball’s best technical foul. And it’s a doozy. If you dont’ know what I’m talking about, you should do a Google search for, “JBU TP game.” It’ll change your life.

ESPN tweeted about us!

ESPN even aired footage of the game and gave commentary on our crazy tradition during its show, “Around the Horn.” We were on national television! It was a pretty big deal for our little bitty school.

And for one last bit of importnat life info, (that is probably not all that important to most people, but I’ll tell y’all anyway because that’s the kind of person I am…)

–I am turning into an old person. I just had a birthday earlier this week and now I go to bed at like 11:00 every night. Considering that I am a night owl and I am also a college student, this early bedtime business is kind of ridiculous. But I’m also not complaining. Sleeping is wonderful. I just haven’t done a whole lot of it the past three years of my life. It’s like I’m rediscovering my affections for an old friend.

That wording was weird. It’s past 11:30. I’m not thinking clearly. It’s past my bedtime. I’m going to bed.

Ellipsis list…

I miss…

…my blog. It’s been over a month since my last post. I’m so sorry about that! I’ve missed y’all.

…Spain. I found this picture on Pinterest yesterday. (you can find the original here:)

This is Sunflower Valley in Valencia, Spain.

Holy cow beautiful.

I never knew Spain had such beautiful sunflower fields. I was only six and a half hours away from this place while I was in Málaga this summer. Why didn’t I know about this?

I love sunflowers. They remind me of Kansas.

Minus the whole cliff in the background thing. That’s not like Kansas at all.

In this past month I have…

…started my senior year of college. And come down with a major case of Senioritis, which I’ve actually had for the past three years. I put off my homework and all I want to do is have fun times with fun people. Can I major in that please?

…not studied for the LSAT. And I’m taking it on Saturday. Is there a problem here? My logical reasoning skills say yes.

…got an iPhone! Actually, I did that this morning. It’s fantastic. And a time waster. But hey, I don’t care all that much about my homework anyway so we’re all good, right?

Which brings me back to… I miss…

…my Kansas phone number. I had to get an Arkansas phone number with my new iPhone and I just realized that for some reason I was really attached to my old Kansas phone number. Is that dumb? Yes? Ok, I’ll get over it.

Thanks for loving me even though I miss trivial things like phone numbers and don’t blog for a month.

Y’all are wonderful. I’ll be back soon. In less than a month, I promise!

The beginning of the end

Well, I’m a grown up now. I don’t know when this happened, but it happened.

Yesterday I moved into a house with nine fabulous women. A real house. Not a dorm. I am so excited about this.

Tomorrow is my first day of my senior year of college.


I can’t believe I’m in this place in life. One year of undergrad left and potentially three years of law school to go.

I have been studying so much for the LSAT this week. So much that I have not even taken a single photo. I’m sorry.

There is this little gem though.

Amidst my LSAT studying, I had to take a break and do something fun and relaxing. So I skimmed through the random folder of photos on my desktop that I recently pulled off my portable hard drive and brought up this picture I took last fall.

I loved the colors and serenity of the image. Bright and happy. Peaceful and calming. All at once.

Hmmm… sounds like my life.

The possibilites on the horizon are bright and exciting and I can’t wait to see where I’ll be this time next year. And even though so many details in my life are unknown, I still have incredible peace. I have no idea how I got to this point in my life, but that gives me even more peace because I know without a doubt that all of this is the Lord’s doing. And I know His plans are perfect.

Now… bring on senior year!

Brownie fail

I love to cook and bake.

And I’m good at it. Or so I tell myself (college girl’s gotta sleep at night somehow).

But recently (ok, by now it’s more like forever ago… thank you WordPress fail) I had my first experience in baking failure.

Failure. Such a terrible word.

Upon failing, I became quite distraught. (Also a terrible word).

But, I digress (fun word). I apologize (good word, not-so-good connotations).

Anyway… back to my baking. (Failure).

I got a hankering (fun word) to bake brownies on a Friday night several weeks ago.

I got out my mixing bowl, borrowed an egg from my friend (thank you, Lindy!), measured out the correct amounts of oil and water, dumped in the brownie mix and stirred.

Side note… did you know that you’re only supposed to stir the brownie mix 50 times? What the heck? I read that rule on the back of the brownie package (because I’m weird and I like reading the back of things like brownie packages and shampoo bottles, whatever, whatever…I’m digressing again).

Anyway, I mixed everything to the T, popped the brownies in the oven and set the timer to five minutes less than package directions. (I like my brownies gooey!)

Twenty-five minutes later, I pulled the brownies out of the oven and set them on my desk in my room to let them cool.

Forty minutes later, after I couldn’t stand smelling the delicious smell anymore without having the delicious taste in my mouth at the same time, I went to cut the brownies.

And they were hard. And flat.

Say whaaat?!

I was so confused. I never fail at baking brownies. Never.

I tried cutting a piece out of the what I thought was going to be a gooey middle, but no such luck. Hard and flat.

And so began my descent into a deep well of distraught-ness (not a real word), despair (sad word), distress (fairy tale word… damsel in distress anyone?), despondency (depressing word) and disheartenment (compound word!).

It wasn’t until a few hours later that I had an epiphany (super fun word) as to why my brownies failed.

Corn oil (bad, bad, bad word).

As I was mixing the brownies, I realized I didn’t have vegetable oil like the recipe called for. But I did have corn oil. So I just substituted one for the other. Surely they were basically the same thing right?

Wrong. Wrong (funny-looking word), wrong, WRONG.

This is what corn oil does to your brownies.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. To me, these pictures say ugly, failure, nasty, gross, Kristy-should-never-bake-brownies-again! At least not with corn oil.

I have learned my lesson. Corn oil is not vegetable oil. But in my defense, what is a poor college girl who has no money to spend on baking supplies supposed to do?

If any of you would like to donate to the successful-brownies-by-Kristy fund (hyphenated word), I would bake you brownies (with vegetable oil) and I would send you some! I promise they would look better than this.

Until I put them in the mail.

Much love,


Here today…

…and gone tomorrow.

This area, known as “The Quad” at my small university is a large grassy area in the middle of campus. In the fall and spring, students love to hang out on The Quad: playing frisbee, doing homework, napping.

Just a mere three weeks ago, students flocked to The Quad on an unusually warm day in late January.

Then last Tuesday night and Wednesday, a snowstorm the likes of which Arkansas has never seen before dumped 20 inches of snow on our campus and cancelled classes for only the fourth time since the 1970s.

This was Thursday, February 10.

So much snow! Most students here didn’t know what to do with themselves. Not many of them had ever seen that much snow in their lives. But I can promise you this: nobody was napping on The Quad that day!

After a couple days of temperatures in the low teens, the weather went schizo and skyrocketed into the 60s.

And this is all that was left of the snow by Monday, February 14.

What a difference a few days makes.

The snow has melted even further today and The Quad now looks like a swamp.

Oh, how I love Arkansas.

Much love,


Happy times and happier times

Drumroll, please.

Duuuuuurrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmm….. symbol crash.

I finished my fifth semester of college classes today!

Fertig. Finito. Finished. Done.

Now I just have to make it through a couple of not-too-hard finals and I’m home free!

Oh what a feeling, what a wonderful emotion… (name that song!)

I love college. I really do. It’s such a blessing to go to such a great school and have the opportunity to learn about things I love every day. I’ve had great profs this semester, I’ve had great classes.

But I’m so ready to be done.

I’m ready to…


–read a book for fun


–use my computer for something other than writing papers


–cook my own food instead of eating in the cafeteria

–sleep, sleep, sleep.

One week from now I will be living the good life of a college kid home on Christmas break.


It will be a happy time.

I was reminded of even happier times last night as I was organizing the hundreds of files of photos on my computer.

I was skimming through a photoshoot I did for a friend of mine back in October. She’s an RA in one of the dorms and for a hall activity she and her fellow RA decided to take their girls out on a photoshoot. I had the wonderful privilege of being the event photographer.

It was super fun looking at the photos and reminiscing and seeing such happy faces. Faces that weren’t tired and sick and drained from a rigorous semester of studying and rhetoric.

I have beautiful friends.

See for yourself.

Amidst the photos of all these beautiful women, I stumbled onto another little gem.

Isn’t this flower just amazing?

The colors… oh, the colors. They are simply stunning. A computer screen absolutely does not do them justice.

This pretty flower was in bloom just two short months ago.

There’s no way you’re gonna find a flower anywhere outside this time of year. Not a live one anyway.

Nothing is alive outside.

Remember the post from about a month ago where I put up a picture of the vibrant view out my window? I thought about taking a picture today from the same place and doing a compare and contrast thing for this post.

But I couldn’t bear to do it.

It’s just so gray outside.

Gray and dreary.

I’m not a fan.

I know winter is one of God’s perfect creations too, and bless it, I know it’s probably wonderful, but it’s to daggum cold for me.

I admit it has been a milder winter so far in Arkansas, but I’m going back home to Kansas in less than a week and I know what’s waiting for me.

Winters in Kansas go a little like this…



–no snow


It’s lovely.

So, being the optimist that I am, I have devised the perfect, happy plan.

I will go home, sit on my couch with a mug full of coffee, read a book for fun, take a nap, and print this photo out huge then tape it to every window in my house and convince myself it’s actually summer.


(soon to be) cold in Kansas… aka: kskristy

Gumaholics anonymous

Hello, my name is Kristy and I am a gum addict.

It’s a problem.

Poor college students don’t have enough money to buy enough gum to satisfy their addiction.

I speak from experience.

In light of my recent struggles, I have decided to break the habit.

Sort of.

Ok, I’m actually just cutting back.

A little bit.


After tomorrow.

The point is that I have made (on multiple occasions) great efforts to break myself of my gum habit. It’s never happened.

But I give myself an A for effort.

During one of my recent gum-fasts I discovered that my favorite brand of gum had redesigned its packaging.

Now look at that.

How am I supposed to resist all those pretty swirls?

I can’t. That’s the problem.

The circles are almost hypnotic. They mesmerize me and draw me in. And make me want more gum.

It’s a conspiracy theory.

I’m convinced.

Anyway, as if the redesign weren’t enough to make me fall and stumble, I want you to look at the bottom left corner of the package.

See that little man?

Here’s a close-up.

The company used its logo to make a little recycling man.

This is so creative. And precious. I love it.

And now there is officially no hope for me ever recovering from my gum addiction.

That little man is just too cute.

Anybody know any good gumaholics anonymous programs out there?

My weekend-long hot date

Let me preface this by saying that I realize some of you may become extremely jealous when you read about my weekend plans.

Disclaimer: kskristy is not responsible for the consequences of any acts of jealous rage that may or may not follow your reading of this post.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me tell you about my hot date I’m going to have this weekend.

First, I’m going to put on my little black dress and then I’ll go meet my man and we’ll be off to our extremely romantic date that may or may not involve dinner at Red Lobster, a blanket under the stars and a whole lotta chapstick.

Or not.

My “hot” date this weekend is actually with my futon and about 12 million books that haven’t left my university’s library since 1947.

How’s that for romance?

I’m serious. These books are dang good lookin’.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to snuggle up with one of those?

The truth of the matter is that I have to write a research paper this weekend that I have put off until the last minute (typical me) and now I can’t procrastinate any longer. I must get down to work.

After I post this blog.

And eat supper.

And watch a movie.

So don’t worry about having too much fun without me this weekend. You know I’ll be having a ball of my own.

Right here on my hot, sexy futon.

With all these books.

And my fuzzy Christmas blanket.

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